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What Autistic Children Taught Us About Life

Jebsen Volunteers, "Life is Art" Programme, Jebsen Group

When we first signed up as volunteers in the “Life is Art” programme, Jebsen’s philanthropic initiative to improve children’s access to art, we were earnestly expecting to help and teach children. Little did we know that we would be the ones doing the learning......

How taking chances has changed my life

Karen Leung - Business Development Manager, Building Products, Jebsen Industrial

Taking chances. It is something the society talks about a lot: we tell young people to take chances and follow their dreams. We read about people who make a bold career change and achieve something great. I have always enjoyed hearing these stories, but it was only when I embarked on my Jebsen journey that I learned how thrilling it can really be to take chances, and all that can be gained from doing so......

That happy place, where the beer is always cold

Joker Keung - Draught Beer Technician, Jebsen Beverage

There is nothing like a nice cold beer in the summer. Whether it is catching up with old friends at a bar or enjoying dinner at a family restaurant, beer is always the beverage of choice for the happiest gatherings. I like to think of myself as an important part of this social ritual......

Empowerment: My Success Potion

Evan Wu - E-commerce & Digital Marketing Manager, Jebsen Consumer

Not too long ago, 11 November was just Singles’ Day, a day for the unattached to celebrate being single. Thanks to the E-Commerce boom in the last few years and some smart marketing moves by Chinese businesses, “Double-Eleven” has turned into the nation’s biggest online shopping day where everyone, attached or single, buys themselves gifts online......