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Celebrating the Jebsen heritage

Angela Wong – General Manager, Corporate Communications and Administration, Jebsen Group

Six years ago I sustained an injury. I was working in banking as a foreign exchange structurer at the time, but the injury – and an anticipated long recovery time – forced me to change my professional course......

For Goodness’ Saké

Ken Chan, Business Development Manager / Saké Specialist, Jebsen Fine Wines

It is an ordinary weekday. I am in Japan drinking saké. I am working, but I might as well be on holiday. I take in every nuance of each saké — each one has its own flavour and personality, two important things that determine how connoisseurs back in Hong Kong will receive the product......

A Rewarding Investment

Thomas Robert Wetzer, Senior Equity Portfolio Manager, Jebsen Capital

Any investment involves a certain amount of risk, but thorough preparation enhances the probability of success......


Cissy Wang, Key Account Manager, Jebsen & Jessen Ingredient

When you think about it, food should be pretty easy to sell because people constantly need it. In my years of working with Jebsen, however, I have come to realise that the opposite is nearly as true because the highest attention to quality is expected in any product that ultimately impacts the health and well-being of its consumers......