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The IT Team That Could

Brian Chan – Information Technology Director, Jebsen Group

Connectivity in the workplace gives a real boost to productivity. In a WiFi-enabled office like ours, we can conveniently book meeting rooms with the click of a mouse, run seamless presentations during meetings, do work more efficiently, and even get to enjoy it. Harnessing what we have and making it work better for us has helped makes a big difference for everyone...

Confessions of a Golden Butler

Xiao E Zhang – Service Advisor, Porsche Centre Shanghai Minhang

Who do you call when it is late at night, and you run into an emergency? For one of my clients, the person that came to mind – the person she trusted to comfort and support her during a tricky situation – was me......

Builder of the Brands

Frieda Wang – Senior Marketing Manager, Jebsen Consumer

From a shipping agency more than a century ago, Jebsen Group today represents more than 200 leading worldwide brands and is known for realising many legendary brand stories in the Greater China market. I see this as a result of Jebsen’s unique gift for identifying hidden gems among brands, and eventually transforming them into household names......

From CSR to Family

Qing Deng – Accountant, Jebsen Beverage

A mother’s love is possibly the greatest love there is. When I joined Jebsen nine years ago though, I learned that the love between an employer and its employees can also be immensely profound......