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Band of Brothers: The Beer Crew

Van Sales Team, Jebsen Beer

What do guys like? Beer, cars, and solving problems. So, what do you get when you bring a group of 20 guys together? A team of brothers-in-beer who drives around to make sure that beer is enjoyed by those who need it, when they need it......

Running in good company

Hong Chun Shen — Technical Manager, Porsche Centre Shanghai Minhang

The road to success, they say, is never easy. It is often uncomfortable, requiring tons of hard work and persistence. Fortunately, this journey, although paved with challenges, becomes a place of joy and enduring strength when shared with people who believe and support you......

Challenge, Stretch and Milestone

Saber Yang - Corporate Communications Executive, Jebsen Group

Travelling to work each day, I am surrounded by morning commuters staring down at their phones. Some are browsing news headlines, others are reading emails, but a handful of them are always doing the same thing as me – playing my favourite mobile game, “Plants vs Zombies”...

A Campaign to Remember

Maible Tsui - Assistant Marketing Communications Manager, Jebsen Consumer

If somebody were to take a random snapshot of me at work today, it is likely that the photo will show me doing something creative: brainstorming ideas for marketing campaigns, drawing up solutions to issues, or designing the rundown for an important press launch.......