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Forrest Zhang - Training Manager, Jebsen Consumer

I joined Jebsen Consumer in 2012 and have been growing with Dyson ever since. My development journey began with a position as a Retail Supervisor......

Building relationships, building success

Suki Huen - Promotion Manager, Jebsen Beverage

As a Promotion Manager for Blue Girl Beer, it is my role to train promoters to become effective salespersons for the brand. I think just providing selling skills training is insufficient, it is even more important to help them grasp interpersonal skills. If they are able to engage their customers well, sales will naturally follow......

The Secret behind Success

Ady Lai - Sales Executive, Jebsen Motors

In April 2016, I learned from WeChat that a colleague in Porsche Centre Shanghai Minhang achieved excellent sales results. I shared his story on my WeChat and he replied: “But your record is better than mine!” That was when I realised that I had sold my 1,000th car in Porsche Centre Macau......

Learning with Satiety

Henry Chung - Business Analyst, Jebsen Group

I have worked at Jebsen Group for 15 years and I have always felt motivated to learn and improve myself. Now, with the Group’s Learning & Development Plan (L&D) in place, I am pleased with this structured platform to help employees like me unleash our full potential......