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Carmen Lo — Organisational Development Executive, Jebsen Group

Richard Branson once said: “instead of covering up your weakness, acknowledge them and use them as advantage.” These words pretty much sum up my journey with Jebsen. It is a story of surprising lessons and beginnings that I always look back to with awe and gratitude......

Courage Breeds Courage

Terry Cheung — Junior Technician, Porsche Centre Hong Kong

The air was tense in the workshop, and I felt my pulse quickening as one by one, the other automotive technicians raised their hands indicating that they were done checking the engines on their vehicles. I was far from finished with inspecting the Japanese-made car assigned to me......

Band of Brothers: The Beer Crew

Van Sales Team, Jebsen Beer

What do guys like? Beer, cars, and solving problems. So, what do you get when you bring a group of 20 guys together? A team of brothers-in-beer who drives around to make sure that beer is enjoyed by those who need it, when they need it......

Running in good company

Hong Chun Shen — Technical Manager, Porsche Centre Shanghai Minhang

The road to success, they say, is never easy. It is often uncomfortable, requiring tons of hard work and persistence. Fortunately, this journey, although paved with challenges, becomes a place of joy and enduring strength when shared with people who believe and support you......