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Beyond the Paddle: The Real Rewards of Dragon Boating

Chung Gor and Kit Ng - Jebsen Dragon Boat Team Paddlers

Gib gas! This is a phrase we have been using a lot over the last few months. It is German, and it literally means “give gas!” It is used to cheer others on, kind of like the phrase “add oil!” we often use in Cantonese to encourage friends, colleagues, or sports teams......

Changes, Challenges and Courage

Priscilla Hu - Marketing Manager, Porsche Centre Shenzhen Futian and Longgang, Jebsen Motors

One common trait in the successful people I most admire is a love of challenges. It is a trait that I believe I have, and that I have been developing throughout my career. As a Jebsen employee, I am very lucky that my tendency to seek out challenges has been given the opportunity to shine......

The Perfect Blend for Sales Success

Celia Ip - Sales Manager, Jebsen Fine Wines

Many of us enjoy a glass of good wine as an antidote to a stressful work day. In my world, the value of a glass of wine goes far beyond that. I believe every wine has a unique story, and each distinct wine has the power to complement occasions and inspire the sharing of special moments among people......

Leading the (fourth) industrial revolution

Laurence Fung - System Integration Manager, Automation & Services, Jebsen Industrial

I have only been with the Jebsen Industrial – Automation and Services team for a little more than one year, so I am one of the “new kids.” But there is one thing I know for sure: I have one of the coolest jobs around here......