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Challenge, Stretch and Milestone

Saber Yang - Corporate Communications Executive, Jebsen Group

Travelling to work each day, I am surrounded by morning commuters staring down at their phones. Some are browsing news headlines, others are reading emails, but a handful of them are always doing the same thing as me – playing my favourite mobile game, “Plants vs Zombies”...

A Campaign to Remember

Maible Tsui - Assistant Marketing Communications Manager, Jebsen Consumer

If somebody were to take a random snapshot of me at work today, it is likely that the photo will show me doing something creative: brainstorming ideas for marketing campaigns, drawing up solutions to issues, or designing the rundown for an important press launch.......

Making Street Smarts Work

Eunice Keung - Marketing Manager, Jebsen Consumer

What do women want? That is a million-dollar question, and one that ultimately takes a woman to answer. Being one myself, I naturally understand how easy or difficult it can be to sell a product to a woman......

Going Back to Basics

Victor Zhang - General Manager, Porsche Centre Shenzhen Longgang and Futian

People often ask me the secret to building a top-notch dealership. As General Manager for Jebsen Motors’ Porsche Centre Shenzhen Longgang & and Futian, you could say that I have a solid track record: In 2015, I led the Porsche Centre Beijing Goldenport to win the Dealer of the Year award in Porsche China’s 2015 nationwide dealership ranking. When I moved to Porsche Centre Shenzhen Longgang in 2016, we won the Dealer of the Year award again, taking the top place after being only in the ninth place......