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success breeds success

With over 100 years of history, Jebsen’s success has been made possible through our commitment to our partners, to our communities, and to our most valuable asset — our people.

We offer dedicated and talented individuals the opportunity to engage with a family of premium global brands. Employees who pursue excellence are given a diverse platform that provides continuous development and career exposure.

Our Stories

Business Line
Vincent Wong – Sales Manager, Jebsen Beverage
People occasionally refer to their work colleagues as family. This is an easy concept to embrace when things are going well at work, but it gets trickier in…
Stephen Chou – General Manager of CASIO, Jebsen Consumer
I like hiking, especially walking alongside my fellow hikers. While there are always twists and turns on the path and plans may go awry, my team’s support and…
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Jebsen Capital
Victor Liu – General Manager, Equity Portfolio, Jebsen Capital
To a non-fan, Formula One may simply look like a bunch of speeding cars racing in circles towards the finish line. But F1 is so much more sophisticated than…
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