Embark on a Green Journey at T · PARK

How is converting waste to energy related to relaxing in a spa? They are both part of the same process at T · PARK, Hong Kong’s first self-sufficient sludge treatment facility. Over 20 colleagues and their families got together before Winter Solstice and gained insights into sustainable living during our December T · PARK visit, also enjoying a spa powered by sludge incineration.

The exhibitions and guided tour around the centre were an eye-opener to our participants. Every day we produce 1,200 tonnes of sludge in Hong Kong, which is equivalent to the weight of 67 buses. By incinerating sludge into ash and residues, we can reduce 90% of the original sludge volume, which drastically cuts down the quantity of waste reaching the landfills. As it requires tremendous effort to minimise sludge disposal issues on landfills and the environment, we should lead a greener life and reduce waste at source!

The visit came to an end with a relaxing spa where participants enjoyed a panoramic view of Deep Bay through floor-to-ceiling windows. They were also impressed by how the “waste-to-energy” principle is brought to life, as all water of the three indoor spa pools is sourced from the neighbouring bay, purified and heated by sludge incinerators.

The tour at T · PARK was one of the key initiatives of “JGreen”, our internal education programme that advocates environment awareness to achieve sustainable development. We hope this kind of interactive events can inspire Jebseners to go green – further reduce waste, cultivate a recycling habit and turn trash into treasure for our Earth.