Paws and Play

In June, the Group organised different pet-themed-activities in Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland. While we were having fun with our furry friends, we also shared love and care with them and even engaged in animal welfare activities, giving them a “home sweet home”.

On June 3, we participated the first pet-related activity, which was the stray animals’ charity event organised by Shanghai Adoption Day*. Our compassionate colleagues volunteered and were divided into four groups, including a kitten team and a puppy team to help stray animals find new homes, an audit team to assist in reviewing adoption applications, and a charity sales team to help sell pet supplies. The event was very fruitful: we were able to raise funds for the organisation, with 25 potential adopters expressing interest in adopting stray kittens and puppies.

*"Shanghai Adoption Day" was founded in 2017 as a public adoption platform to promote the concept of caring for companion animals. They hold offline adoption events and regularly promote adoption information online.

Subsequently, we launched the second phase of the pet activity in the Chinese mainland, where we encouraged colleagues to rediscover the value of used clothes by recycling the old clothes into cosy beds or toys for furry friends under the guidance of tutors. Colleagues could take the finished product home or donate it to the Shanghai Adoption Day to help stray animals.

In Hong Kong, on June 24, we organised a guided tour in collaboration with the Society for Abandoned Animals (SAA)* at their shelter. Through the heartwarming stories of the furry friends shared by SAA and spending time with them, our colleagues have gained a better understanding of the plight of abandoned animals and learn how to interact with them.

* Society for Abandoned Animals was established in 1997 by a group of animal welfare activist. The motto of SAA is "Love Animal, Respect Life, No Killing or Abandoning". It was officially registered as a local charitable organisation in 1998.

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We are committed to making Jebsen a better workplace and giving back to society. We look forward to collaborating with different organisations in the future to discover more interesting and meaningful activities!