Art and Sales in the Sports Car Industry

Annie Zhong – Sales Consultant, Porsche Studio Guangzhou, Jebsen Motors

Many people think that the sports car industry is only for men. They are often surprised to find out that I am a Porsche sales consultant. When they look at me, they see a young woman with a soft demeanor perhaps more suited for the arts. What they do not see is the attitude and personality I bring to the job. Like any other career, I believe that the automobile industry has no gender. With my outgoing, eager, and hardworking spirit, I have been determined to make the most of my youth in an industry I love.

While I don’t really identify myself as an artist, I am passionate about the arts. I love reading literature and history, and collecting and learning calligraphy and Chinese painting. These artistic tastes allow me to better appreciate timeless designs around me, something I see in Porsche cars. I am drawn not only to their speed and performance, but also to the brand’s soul and heritage. It carries an ageless charm that is very unique in the sports car scene, which to me, makes Porsche a work of art.

When Porsche Studio Guangzhou was established in 2017 and became the first Porsche showroom in China to open in a high-end shopping venue, I felt fortunate to work there as sales consultant, and I was eager to use this opportunity to build a cultural exchange circle for all car lovers through my role. I felt that the exquisite showroom and Porsche were a match made in heaven. It is also a heaven for Porsche fans, with the exhibition hall digitally showcasing all Porsche models and an augmented reality (AR) display areas where fans can experience the speed of the new Porsche models.

As the showroom’s sales consultant, I not only introduce car models to customers, I also share with them the history and culture behind the Porsche brand. Working at Jebsen has taught me to meticulously study the product that I am selling. Over the years, I have been very committed to understanding the unique characteristics of each Porsche model. This way, I am able to provide more professional and objective car purchase recommendations to the customers.

While it can be challenging to please every customer, I’ve learned to appreciate what works and improve on what can be developed in terms of my skills. Just like in the arts, there are timeless elements that remain indispensable, yet the art itself continues to evolve. To become an excellent sales consultant, I think one must strike a balance between adapting to the changes in the automotive industry while staying connected to the permanent parts of the work. I learned to continuously improve myself and keep up with trends and evolving market demands, all while aiming to always satisfy the customers—a goal that never changes in my line of work.

I have been working in Porsche Studio Guangzhou for three years now. Over the years, I have learned that hard work truly paves the way for success. Working in Jebsen made me see the value of treating customers professionally and honestly, even when I had to accommodate appointment requests beyond my work hours. My dedication has gained me their trust and support, that many car owners now often refer their friends and relatives to me when buying a car. I am grateful for these experiences. Praises from customers inspire me and make me feel as excited as the first day I started working here. The trust from my team, the management, and customers contribute to the endless sense of accomplishment I get at Jebsen.

My dedication at work also extends to my personal life. Because I work in a competitive industry, I love to unwind by immersing myself in art during my spare time. I find that my understanding of aesthetics also helps me with my customer interactions. I spend lots of time reading, and have recently compiled insights from my marketing and management book into reading notes. By constantly studying and embracing what I love outside work, I am able to bring and apply new ideas in my job.