Building Possibilities from Scratch

Ricky Tang – Assistant Logistics Manager, Jebsen Logistics

“Make things happen.” It’s a phrase I hear often in the context of seemingly impossible feats.

For a guy who was so physically unfit to have once fainted at work and hospitalised for two days, I didn’t think it was possible for me to pursue these three words, especially as I was looking at a poster of a Jebsen Dragon Boat training one day in the office.

Despite my personal inhibitions, a colleague convinced me to try it out. Yes, it was challenging at first, but I eventually fell in love with the sport. Coming across a Dragon Boat team of breast cancer survivors motivated me further to pursue this “impossible” feat passionately. If they could do it, why shouldn’t I?

I soon discovered that if I could build physical strength from nothing, I absolutely can build anything. Over the years, I did find myself building things from the ground up, whether it was my technical knowledge over an unfamiliar job, or the foundation for smoother workplace operations.

This habit of making things happen turned up in the workplace even before I joined Jebsen, when I was working in a logistics office of a computer repair centre. There, I discovered that effective work starts from a foundation of a neat and organised warehouse. It was also there that I began building my logistics knowledge by reading online.

When I first joined Jebsen as Logistics Officer in 2010, I again focused on creating a space where efficiency can thrive. That means tidying the Cheung Sha Wan warehouse to facilitate more organised product planning, and acquiring as much knowledge and training as I could on the job so I can better contribute to the team. I gradually went from knowing little about logistics management, to earning a Professional Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management as well as other certificates that demonstrate my expertise in the field. 

Working at Jebsen provided me with a breadth of experience that stretched my intellectual capacities. When I was given the opportunity to transfer to the Fo Tan warehouse, I transitioned from handling print cartridges and materials to a completely new world of consumer digital products and wines.

My five-year logistics and supply chain Jebsen experience became very useful when I moved briefly to other companies to expand my knowledge and skillsets. During my time away from Jebsen, I immersed myself in other parts of the supply chain and learned the workings of a warehouse management system (WMS).

Colleagues at Jebsen are more than mere co-workers – they are a group of genuine friends I often kept in touch and got together with even though I switched to work elsewhere. In November 2018, as Jebsen Beverage and Jebsen Logistics were gearing up for the launch of our new Yuen Fat Warehouse in Cheung Sha Wan, I, strongly encouraged by my peers, decided to re-join Jebsen as Assistant Logistics Manager. I saw it as a perfect opportunity for me to apply my enhanced knowledge on inventory and supply chain systems, working with a team I knew and loved.

In my new position I once again had the opportunity to build things from scratch. These included introducing improved stock-trading procedures as well as coordinating and driving WMS-based workflow changes through collaboration with the Beer Van Sales team. As with anything that involves a reframing of existing procedures, these changes were not easy to execute, but my colleagues’ and General Manager’s support kept me optimistic about every challenge.

I don’t think I could have gotten to where I am today without the Jebsen community’s trust in my talents. The Group gives its people opportunities to explore solutions, including new setups and ways of doing and thinking. I am grateful to be led by managers who are always patient and open to suggestions, and to work with people who are not only technically skilled, but who share the same can-do spirit that permeates across the Group.

Being able to build anything from zero, be it a team or a process or one’s skills, is nothing short of amazing. I am driven every day by the validation that anything can be achieved, as long as we stay diligent and draw strength from those who cheer us on.