Collecting timeless memories

Jim Wong – Sales Manager, Jebsen Beverage

Occasionally, as a watch lover, I would take out my collection of vintage timepieces and reflect on the memories attached to each watch. As I hold them in my hand, I am reminded of the inevitable movement of life, and how I have grown with it over the years.

If I had a watch for every meaningful career milestone, my most prized item would surely be joining Jebsen as Sales Representative ten years ago.

With only a basic degree to show for my credentials, and a short experience in the red wine industry, I went a long way before becoming Sales Manager of Jebsen Beverage today. Thanks to the trust and support I received from the management, my skill set gradually expanded from simply selling in the frontlines, to being involved in planning short-term and long-term sales activities, preparing business reports, and leading teams.

Apart from customers, I now also have to look after my own people and establish good working relationships with different departments. My current role builds on my experience selling Western partner brands, allowing me to orchestrate a team that serves local restaurant groups.  Not only am I responsible for achieving yearly sales targets and creating an excellent customer experience, I am also involved in planning promotions across different market groups. This can be challenging sometimes, but it is also one of the reasons I stay enthused about my work. There is never a dull moment in my work!

Needless to say, the internal teams and network of customers I work with have broadened throughout my stay in Jebsen, allowing me to meet different people and learn from these interactions.

The breadth of experience at Jebsen gave me a sense of purpose, as well as the confidence to keep improving myself. Every boss that I have worked with—all three of them—have wanted me to succeed, giving me ample room and opportunity to grow. In return, I seized every opportunity to make myself a better contributor at Jebsen.

I maximised my time by using my non-working hours to earn a certificate, an advanced diploma, and a top up degree. My managers were all very supportive of this, even adjusting their schedules and covering work items on my behalf so I can attend to my studies and exams. These are not the bosses you usually have throughout your career.

Not only did I grow at Jebsen, I grew with it. Many more of my most cherished life events happened while I was building a career here, including marriage, welcoming a child, and meeting colleagues who have since become lifelong friends. Jebsen has stood witness to many significant stages in my life, and I feel fortunate to have found a home here.

While the years seem to have sped by, it is these ten years at Jebsen that taught me the patience to learn, unlearn, and keep working on myself, while I reach one milestone after another. These are indeed memories that fondly cross my mind when I reflect on the timepieces I’ve collected. My watches remind me of the past and its many humble beginnings, but they also keep me excited about the future. The rewards of working in an environment that supports your success is timeless, and I definitely look forward to collecting more stories of growth and shared successes as I continue my journey with Jebsen.