The IT team that could

Brian Chan – Information Technology Director, Jebsen Group

Connectivity in the workplace gives a real boost to productivity. In a WiFi-enabled office like ours, we can conveniently book meeting rooms with the click of a mouse, run seamless presentations during meetings, do work more efficiently, and even get to enjoy it. Harnessing what we have and making it work better for us has helped makes a big difference for everyone.

As part of the Jebsen Group for a year now, I strive to bring Group Information Technology (GIT) more into the forefront – rather than just be a technical team that works in the background. Our team – a good mix of the young and the young at heart – is more than just the people you call when technical issues arise. We are here as a business partner that drive value and help our colleagues find or create new business models or opportunities.

We do this by coming together with others – learning how they work; familiarising with their operations so that we know how we can best help them; collecting data crucial for their operational models; and creating and improving channels, such as mobile Apps and WeChat mini-programmes, to get them closer to their client base.

While our team may not directly make money, we help generate that by adding value to the company. Externally, our data, systems and processes help our partners engage their client base; we track small details down to clients’ birthdays, anniversaries and other items that makes them tick so our colleagues can reach out to clients when it matters. Internally, our team makes work easier for everyone by enhancing efficiency and helping them work smarter. We are always on the lookout for trends that can be used in our businesses, and through this we also stay abreast of technology-driven changes in the way customers prefer to interact with us.

We are happy to be helping internal stakeholders work smarter, such as improving on work processes for Human Resources, as well as our Finance and Consumer business lines. The success we have had with these projects have led to internal users actively seeking our team’s advice, rather than approaching us only when issues arise.

I am personally excited to see what 2019 brings to GIT and the rest of the Group. As I look forward to the new year, I don’t want to be confined by yesterday’s thinking, but rather be open to other gateways. By thinking ahead and of what users want, I hope the team to step forward to find quick wins to enhance operational excellence and give users and colleagues a wonderful experience. My goal is to strengthen GIT’s reputation as a trusted technology partner to everyone in the Group, a team that is truly focused on driving value and making the best use of the amazing technologies now available to us.