A Legacy of Excellence

Charlie Xu – Sales Consultant, Porsche Centre Guangzhou Tianhe (Porsche Globally Certified Sales Consultant)

I have always believed that excellence should be passed from one generation to the next, and in my work, I have made this a personal mission.

In 2019, I made a sale that marked Jebsen’s 5000th car delivery of the year.  The occasion called for celebration, and my colleagues and I decided to throw the customer a surprise car delivery party. We decorated the showroom elaborately, arranging a variety of refreshments, a custom-made cake and even a hand-written card – everything we could do to create an unforgettable experience for the customer. When the customer and his family walked in to pick up their new 911 Carrera Cabriolet, huge smiles stretched across their faces and my heart, too, swelled with happiness.

My most distinct recollection from that day, however, was not the number 5000. It was that the 911 Carrera Cabriole was not the first, but second car Mr Xie bought from me. He later told me that the excellent service I showed him the first time, when he bought a Cayenne S back in 2016, made such a big impression that he decided to buy a Porsche again – this time for his daughter. As a salesperson, there is no better reward than knowing that a customer would choose Porsche again for his beloved child, and I loved seeing how a common fondness for Porsche products bonded father and daughter together. Mr Xie’s second purchase reflected not only his recognition of my professionalism, but also embodies the legacy of excellence inherent in the Porsche brand.

Working at Jebsen has already exposed me to the idea of legacy. The company’s strong commitment to people development means that both new joiners and old-timers are encouraged to learn from the experiences of their colleagues. I appreciate Jebsen’s efforts in nurturing staff members; working here has been a highlight of my career. Since joining Jebsen as a sales consultant in 2007, I have already sold more than 1,000 Porsche vehicles. This is no coincidence. Rather, I like to think that it was the way the company and my managers guided, challenged and encouraged me that helped me hone my skills. The company gave me various development opportunities, including participation in – and completion of – Porsche Approved Qualification assessment three times, sales and driving training programmes, and even a visit to Porsche factories in Germany. All of these experiences have strengthened my professional knowledge at Porsche, as well as my passion for the brand.

While knowledge is an essential prerequisite to excellent service, it is the ability to stand in someone else’s shoes that puts me squarely on the same wavelength as our customers. Last year, I took part in the Porsche “Snow Force 2018” in Inner Mongolia. The event breaks through the traditional “serve and be served” relationship between salespeople and customers, and I was teamed up with one of my customers with a task to drive through a snowy terrain. Together we experienced the thrill of driving a Porsche in a winter wonderland, spinning, sliding and drifting to the point of nearly losing the tires’ grip. The experience not only pushed our limits, it also gave me a better look into my customer’s world. As I watched him cheer for his first successful drift, I came to a greater understanding of how he thinks, and what considerations he may have when buying a car. This insight motivated me to serve him better, more authentically based on what I now know. To me, there is nothing more important than sincerity in service. Excellent salesmanship isn’t just about car sales; it is about helping willing customers get their hands on the Porsche they love and promoting Porsche’s brand of excellence all at the same time.

Because of my work, I deal with cars all the time. And this is great because I love cars, from the smoothness of their leather seats to their svelte silhouettes. I also love driving, whether through urban streets or snowy racetracks; I like the feeling of moving forward as I drive. My expectation for the future is also to move forward. I look forward to moving up within the company and sharing my experiences to those who come after, passing on the legacy.