Passing Along The Torch Of Wisdom

Lawrence Leung - Technical Manager, Jebsen Motors

My dream car is the 964 in the Porsche 911 series because that is a classic series of Porsche. It has the iconic insignia of a frog that has barely changed since 1963. Even today, its appearance still remains stylish. Things change in this world but the 911 series has preserved its own beauty, so I hope to pass on the knowledge and skills I have gained to others. This is the most fulfilling part of my job. Even if just one person out of ten remembered what I taught them, my efforts wouldn’t go down the drain.

We have over 30 coworkers at our workshop, all coming from different walks of life, each having unique experience. New car models are constantly released and unforeseen challenges arise every time. We investigate and discuss the matters together because no matter what we are doing, the answers do not lie with one single person. Thus, we need to communicate frequently to gather everyone’s ideas and come up with a better solution.

I have worked at Jebsen for more than ten years now and I am very happy to be here. Going to office is like returning home. I visit the Porsche manufacturer in Germany every year for new model training and course updates. Occasionally, I also attend classes at the Porsche Training Centre in Shanghai and have technical knowledge exchange with other experts in the field to strive for continuous improvement and uphold our quality services that provide our customers with the best Porsche experience.