Taking charge of change

Rachel Cheung – General Manager, Automation & Services, Jebsen Industrial

At Jebsen Industrial, we have proudly served the traditional machinery and engineering sector for decades. However, as the market changes, it has become necessary to recalibrate our strategic direction to stay competitive. With effect from 2016, this division of the business has been renamed as Automation & Services and I am honoured to have been entrusted with leading the team.

In order to effectively bring ‘Green, Intelligent and Smart’ solutions to our partners and customers, we now focus on four areas: Power Systems, Manufacturing Automation, Manufacturing Optimisation and Engineering Services.

At the same time, our team has worked hard to build new pipelines and strengthen our portfolio. Thanks to Jebsen Industrial’s sterling reputation in the industry, our existing customer base and the unity of our team, we have already begun to see results.

In Power Systems, we are working with a new principal, Colibri Energy, which provides intelligent battery storage systems based on a proprietary solid cell technology. We recently completed a field test of Colibri Energy’s intelligent battery system at Hong Kong International Airport, which has shown visible improvements to operational efficiency for the client.

We have also acquired other principals that share our commitment to Green, Intelligent and Smart solutions–companies such as F&P Personal Robotics in Manufacturing Automation and Forcam for Manufacturing Optimisation. In the area of Engineering Services, we have established our own spindle repair centre in Dalian to grow our service-based business.

The Automation & Services team has done remarkably well in adapting to our new strategic direction in a relatively short time. The market is beginning to warm up to us and I have high hopes for the division’s future!